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October 2020

November 2020

"Let's Do This Thing"

      All of my daughters and grands have especially cool names and they all have the best, most interesting personalities ever. Okay, I better say my husband and sons-in-law are also fabulous, but this is ultimately about one of my grands today. I love talking about how we chose our daughters' names, but there're a few of them, so I'll start with our second daughter whom we named Asha Perren.  For starters, we limited our choices to names in our families and/or heritages so we checked out library name books or bought a few, and searched for names from Native America, Africa, England, Norway, or considered any family names.  Asha, is Swahili for "life." It also has the added lovliness of being an Indian name meaning "hope."  When Asha let us know her daughter's name would be Perren, it was perfect!  And three years after that, Asha called and asked if they could use the name Pierson for their son.  Of course! (I mean, at 57, I pretty much figured I wouldn't be having more babies--although I told my girls, I'd always be a surrogate if they needed me--which creeped them out immensely.) Pierson was one of our boy names (remember, for in case we had a boy) of English origin that means "son of Peter." Ahhh.  
      During this difficult time of election stress, racial tension, pandemic sadness, I often think of my Perren and what she used to say when we went on little adventures like looking for volcanos or dodging shadows or watching ducks at the duck pond behind the bookstore. You always have to be brave for adventures you know.  And I'm trying so hard as I miss doing such special or simple activities like visiting my daughter and her new baby girl or going to restaurants and the opera and, to be honest, just walking to the mailbox.  Outside has turned frightening. People seem angry; others are hurting.  But on those pretend adventures, (with a lot of faith and diligence on all our parts, we'll have them again before very long), she'd turn, look and me and her little brother, and say, "Let's do this thing." 
Be strong and true, look up and feel the sun, and hold our branch/swords high!

      So today, that's what I'm going to do...