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This Really Happened-1:30am on a Tuesday Morning

     “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

      (with license in hand) “Yes, I know, I know…I’ve been at the capitol and just got out and was so worried about my new doggie…I’ve been gone 12 hours.”

     “Well, Miss Thune, you were going 68 in a 55 mile-per-hour work zone.” (Not a soul was out working in the pitch black of 1am.)

     “I know, really, our bill was last; I was giving testimony for House Bill 2048 for Representative Naishstat (trying to name-drop here) and I forgot how long that can take and my dog is a new rescue and I don’t know how she’s doing and I started hurrying…”

      “Bill 2048, huh? What’s that one about?” (Yes, he really asked me!)

      (In my trembly, almost-going-to-cry, can’t-believe-this-is-happening voice and instant advocate mode) “Well, it’s about creating supports for children with mental health issues and I offered my testimony because my daughter died from suicide five years ago…” (maybe TMI?)

     “I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have insurance, Miss Thune?”

      “Oh yes…I’m trying to find it…it’s here…” (I’m pulling everything out of my glove box just as I realized that police officers probably don’t like people pulling everything out of their glove boxes. For me, there were:  several straws, a black and now suspicious-looking case with all the manufacturing information on my car, and at least 100 multi-colored, tangled, pipe-cleaners that I’d tossed in months ago because my grands are not at all impressed with them.) “Here it is!” 

     (Oh my god!! Is that the knife I brought home from school to wash from cutting brownies for my students--right there on my passenger seat?)

     “Have you been drinking, Miss Thune?” (I needed to have been—does that count?)

     “Gosh, no! I literally just left the capitol, just now…I even have my parking ticket!” (Really? I’ve had one Snickers’ bar and a coffee all day!!)

      “I have to ask—you can’t imagine the stories I hear. I’ll be right back.”

     (This is just great; my poor Bella. Oh, please don’t make me walk a straight line; I couldn’t do it if I were a nun…)

      “Well, I’m not going to give you a citation, but please be careful. You were weaving a little back there.” (With this construction, new lanes, and strange curves, exhausted at 1:30 in the morning, I’m lucky I didn’t go careening off the road all together…but I kept that to myself.)

      “Oh thank you, I’m really sorry…thank you so much!”

End of story:  Bella was perfect—not even an accident, just running in serious doggie circles with happiness that I was home! 

Thank you, God. Thank you, Annie. MWAH!