Year One of Gone
Haiku Deux

Happy Thoughts

"Think happy thoughts...and you will fly."  Hook

My happy thoughts:

Asha licking her sisters' faces--an expression of intense love, of course!
Asha's biggest smile--rare and wonderful, like my dad's.  Also, her addiction to frozen yogurt or gelato.

Merete when she says "Ya dig?" or "Stat!"  I guess her EMT days are never forgotten.
Merete shopping:  buy one of everything at any price, take it home, try it on, take back what doesn't fit.  Or ask Asha.

Tiera and mom at a poetry slam.
Tiera's "Thanksgiving To Go"
Tiera's surprise visits from the north country.

Halla's observations:
"I like the way the driveway looks after it rains."
"That dress, Mom, is never okay."
"Aw Mom, that man is digging in the trash..." (only happy because it shows her compassion that is sometimes hidden.)
"I had a good day, today!  I feel good."

Annie's profanity in sign language.
Annie's excellent imitation of Donald Trump saying, "You're fired!" including his hairstyle, too.

Peter when he actually wants me to go shopping with him!!!
Peter making my garden.
Peter letting me be in charge even when it makes him really, really, really nervous.

My Ellie when she doesn't attack the squirrels or knock over our neighbors.
Annie's little Princess tipping around me in the night and curling up into a ball and getting right next to my back to sleep.
Princess looking at me like, "I do love this family, but please put me on my pillow--Now!"

The way the front of my house looks from across the street when the evening sun lights up its facade of white rock, red door, tile house numbers that I found in Santa Fe, and the gigantic oak that was a sapling when we had the house built over twenty years ago.

How I made my wedding dress.

To be continued...